What To Do AFTER the HCG Diet?

So you have successfully completed your HCG drops regime and you are done with the diet. You’ve reached your goal weight and you love the way you look.

But what do you do now? How do you make sure the weight NEVER comes back? How do you make sure you never go back to old habits?

There are many techniques but lets cover just a few that will make sure your weight loss stays lost forever.

The first key is awareness. Be aware of what you are eating and how much. Remember that food journal you kept during the diet? Well don’t put it away. Keep it around while you are transitioning back to a normal diet. Keep track of all food put in your mouth. Write it down. Too time consuming? Try this trick, pull out your camera on your phone and take a picture of everything you eat. Review it nightly and look at all the food you ate. Doing something as simple as this will keep the your food intake a lot lower and healthier than not doing it. It’s so simple, that’s why so many people don’t do it. But it is effective so do it!

The next key is find a physical activity you love doing. Get to the gym, get out side and walk, and make a habit of whatever it is. Pretty soon you will find it’s harder NOT to do your new healthy habit. And that’s a good thing! When you get active you’ll find yourself making healthier choices and for better reasons than just to look good. You’ll want to improve your heath so you can perform better. Building muscles will also be good to help speed up your metabolism and keep the weight from coming back.

Another important key is to give up the calorie drinking. You can get away with eating almost anything in moderation. But I do find that drinking calories, yes, even diet soda, is one of the worst and most addictive thing you can do. Avoid it at all costs. Don’t make exceptions, just get over it and never do it again. It will be hard at first but worth every second of it. You’ll learn to love water again and you’ll thank me later.

And the last step which seems easy but is often overlooked is to eat 3 healthy meals a day. Don’t skip meals! I can’t tell you how many people who are overweight tell me they hardly ever eat. What they do is skip breakfast, and most of lunch by just lightly snacking, then they gorge themselves at dinner. Not good! Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and make good choices. Doing this seems so simple, but it works. So don’t skip meals, it will just get you in trouble. It’s not about skipping food to keep weight off, it’s about making the right choices about food. You can literally eat yourself skinny if you make the right choices.

That’s about all I’ll cover today. You might have said, “I’ve heard all this before.” Well maybe you have, but are you doing it? Probably not. So put these into your life right now and you just watch the weight stay off for years to come. It works, you just have to do it.