HCG Side Effects in Women

HCG hormone comes from women. It is produced by them in abundant amounts during pregnancy to build strong uterine walls, modify their metabolism, and hold back their food consumptions. The properties of this hormone allow the women to boost up their food intake in order to meet their baby’s needs for nourishment without getting too fat.

With this weight loss benefits, the HCG hormone provides great benefits for the dieters. It involves a very low calorie diet and the convenient means of taking HCG through drops. This powerful combination will result to a quick drop in weight without the inconvenience of the tiring exercises. According to previous users of the HCG diet, they lost about two pounds daily within the 26 to 40 days of the HCG program time frame. This only means you can lose much weight in just a short time.

Since women are mainly the ones who are conscious about their weight, they are more likely to use the HCG diet. The side effects of the diet program are also different among women compared to men.

There are no really harmful effects of HCG diet if you are taking it in low doses in oral form of HCG drops. The reason is because the hormone is already naturally produced by humans. There is no danger to introducing the hormone to their body. You just have to make sure however that you choose the right method in administering the hormone. For example, there are no other dangers to the diet unless you give it through injections. It is painful, expensive, and inconvenient to your time.

To have an easy, pain-free, and economical HCG diet program, detox drops are more appropriate. It does not interfere with your tight schedule nor affect your budget too much. More importantly, the side effects are lesser and milder as compared to the shots.

The HCG diet is effective but if you do not use the right administration and refuse to follow the prescribed diet, it will endanger your health. It is better to play it safe by sticking to the oral form of the diet.