How To Choose The Right HCG Diet Drops For You

There are a lot of choices out there for HCG drops. If you did a search before coming to my site you were probably a little overwhelmed and very confused. Not to worry, I’m here to help.

The first thing you should decide is which method is best for you. Do you want to do oral drops or the HCG injections? As you can probably tell by the name of my blog, I like the HCG diet drops. But the injections work well too. But you will have to find a doctor to prescribe it for you, or get it overseas (not recommended!).

So think about if you want to use a needle or just drop it into your mouth. Think about which would be more convenient. Some people do find injections more convenient for them because it is only once in the morning, while the drops is 3 times a day. But personally it’s not a big deal and takes a couple seconds.

Then you need to figure out who to choose to get your HCG drops from. This is very important as all HCG is NOT created equal and every company certainly isn’t created equal in how much help they will give you.

So first, is their HCG coming from a United States lab that has gone through the FDA certification process? This is important and will make sure your product is safe to take. Second, do they have a coaching area and a place to get help? This is probably the most important issue. You WILL have questions. The place I use, which is found on the main page of this site, has the only private HCG support community I know of. It’s nice to be able to login and ask questions anytime, anyplace and get a good answer, not from some stranger on a random site. So make sure the support is there because you will need it.

Also, do you see positive results from their clients? Do you know someone who has used their product? Do they have a Facebook page with real people commenting? These are all the things I looked for before deciding on who to use. Most people find out about this diet from a friend or family member, so most of you are covered. But if not then do look for those indicators of legitimacy.

Another important issue is the one of a money-back guarantee. Do they know their product works and put their money behind it? The people I used have a double money-back guarantee so I knew I was covered there. But work with whatever guarantee you feel comfortable with. You still need to DO the diet correctly, but if so they should cover their product and guarantee you will lose the weight if you do your part in following the diet plan.

And then if you are really skeptical you can also email them. A good test is do they have some sort of contact page somewhere on their site. Do they have a phone number? Do they have live chat or a way to email them? Just make sure you can contact them and get a response sometime that day. This way you know you’ll be able to get help when needed.

And the last issue, are you getting a high quality product? You truly get what you pay for in this area. Don’t go cheap, I hear bad stories everyday from people getting cheap products that just aren’t up to par with the higher quality HCG.

So look for these indicators when choosing the right HCG for your diet plan.