Homeopathic HCG Drops – Know How They Are Made

HCG diet is a known weight loss treatment today. The program is a combination of HCG hormone administration and adherence to a very low calorie diet. The hormone is originally taken through injections while the diet should be restricted only to protein and fiber.

However, not every one is fond of the idea of receiving the hormone through injections. There have been issues with reference to the safety, sterility and pain associated with needle administration. In addition, getting the HCG hormone through shots is inconvenient and expensive. For such reasons, the HCG diet is now made available through homeopathic drops.

What is Homeopathy and How Does It Work?

When a medicine or supplement is received through homeopathic remedy, it means it will work naturally with the body’s native mechanisms instead of fighting against the condition. This is how the homeopathic HCG drops work. It acts by causing certain artificial symptoms of a certain condition you are trying to treat but in effect stimulates the body’s own healing process. So with HCG, although you may feel symptoms of hunger or craving, it will act by burning the stored fats to be used as energy. By that you will not feel the hunger sensation anymore and even feel energized than ever.

The good thing about taking HCG through homeopathic drops is its safety. Receiving the hormone through injections directly goes into the bloodstream. So if it is unsterile, impure, and of low quality, once you have introduced it there is no turning back. With the oral drops, the body can still metabolize it through the liver so you can be sure you are safely receiving it.

How did Homeopathy Start?

The homeopathic process started way back 2,500 years ago by Hipokrates of Kos. He became the founder of the Western school of medicine. It was during the year 1800 when Dr. Samuel Hahnemann founded the foundations of homeopathic remedies. He was the one who first understood that besides the pharmaceutical drugs successfully treating the ailments, they can also cause a light amount of harm. According to him, the drugs can even make the patient even worse as compared to letting the dieases take its course. Through these attempts of discovering why traditional medicine make conditions worse, the principle of homeopathy were rediscovered as initiated by Hipokrates.

So to not make weight status worse, opt for the homeopathic HCG drops. You can be sure that you are not only receiving an effective weight loss treatment, but also a safe one.