Does The HCG Diet Effect Fertility?

Every now and then I start to get the same question over and over. I think this happens because someone out there is spreading false information in hopes to confusion and control us. It works and it helps sell other products but it is nonetheless annoying and unethical.

Anyway. The new question I’ve been getting a lot lately is whether or not the HCG diet effects fertility and the ability to have children in the future. Specifically I get asked if the diet or HCG will make it more difficult to have children in the future.

And the answer is no.

Doing the HCG diet or taking HCG will not hinder your ability to have children in the future.

In fact losing weight while on the diet will actually increase the likelihood of having children. The reason behind that is when you are overweight it makes it more difficult to conceive. In fact I get people telling me almost daily that they are considering this diet because their doctor ordered them, not just told them, but ordered them to lose weight before they start to try and get pregnant.

So that’s a bonus.

Another bonus is HCG is a hormone-like substance that is present during pregnancy and women who are having a hard time getting pregnant are actually prescribed HCG to help them conceive. Now don’t think that the HCG diet is going to make you pregnant, you will be taking a MUCH lower dose for diet purposes, especially the oral HCG drops which I like better over injections. So as long as you are on a reliable birth control method you won’t have to worry about getting pregnant.

So the HCG diet is pretty much neutral in the issue of fertility. It can help increase your chances some even and it’s healthy in the long term. So ignore the false information out there that claims it has negative effects because it doesn’t.

The next time you hear a claim made like that always ask them for some kind of proof. And I don’t mean a “study” done by some random scientist in some unknown country. And I don’t mean proof like, “Well I heard from my friend who has a friend who has a sister who said that she heard…” I mean verifiable hard data.

So I hope I have helped clear the air a bit about this recent area of interest and concern. Like almost always there’s nothing to worry about and everything is just fine. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.