A Common Mistake While On The HCG Drops

Running this blog allows me to communicate with thousands of people. I love it. I get emails from around the world and know that I’m helping people learn about something that has changed many lives. I also get “thank you’s” from around the world and people tell me how this has improved their life.

But I also get emails from people that I can see a problem. It’s a very common mistake that a lot of people are making on the diet and on the HCG drops that I really want to address so everyone is completely clear on this.

And that is everything that happens to you while on the HCG diet or drops does NOT mean it was caused by the diet or drops, good or bad.

I can’t tell you how many comments or emails I get asking about what to do about X because it started around the same time of the diet. Listen, just because you are on a new diet and health product doesn’t mean that it caused any problem or benefit.

I think this comes down to almost a superstition and our brain’s desire for cause and effect.

Let me give you an example. A women emailed me saying that she had gotten a sore throat and was achy and felt nauseous. She was quick to blame it on the HCG drops and the diet she was on. I informed her that the drops don’t have that side effect and it sounded like she was just getting the flu. It happens, people get sick. She didn’t really believe me but then came back to confirm that she went off the diet and the drops and she was indeed just sick. So continued the diet after she was better and did just fine.

Another example, which is very common, is they might have a condition and it happens to go away while on the diet. Does that mean the HCG diet cured them of this condition? NO! I’ll say it again just to be clear, just because you are on the diet and the drops or even injections does NOT mean that every little thing that happens to you during that time is an effect from them.

I have had people claiming that HCG cures diseases. Well I hate to bring bad news but it does not. HCG helps with the hunger and targeting the correct fat to lose while on the diet. That’s it.

So the next time you are thinking, or hearing a story of someone who believes that the HCG diet causes this or that, just remember these little examples and that they are probably just coincidences. I get people telling me all the time about side effects and dangers of the diet.

But when I look for hard evidence I can’t find any! In fact I speak with thousands of people about the diet and here 99% good things, the other 1% who try to blame everything on the diet. It’s just a fact of being human that we are always looking for the cause of something. But remember, the diet is probably not the cause of anything other than weight loss!