Should You Use An HCG Diet Clinic?

I have people post question on this site asking about clinics where they offer the HCG diet, and HCG drops or injections. They wonder if it’s worth the extra cost or if they should just do it at home.

Well it’s a good question and the answer is, it depends.

It depends on whom you are planning on using if you choose to do it at home. Some places are great with a great product and support, while others have terrible HCG and no support at all, not good!

I can’t tell you how many times I get emails saying, “I’ve started but I don’t know what to eat, can you tell me what to eat on this diet?” Seriously? You’ve started but have no idea what you are doing? Stop right now and get the instructions. Talk with whom you are working with and get help! The problem is most of these people found a cheap HCG product and bought it without thinking of coaching and support. A lot of places say they have support, but when you try to get help they aren’t anywhere to be found. Plus, cheap HCG is an oxymoron. HCG is NOT cheap and you should be suspect of cheap products.

The place I used has a members area where you can login and talk with coaches and the other people on the diet anytime. It’s nice because when you have questions you need answers, and not just from some stranger on a free site. This is only for their clients so you know they monitor everything and give you the best advice and answers.

So before choosing a provider make sure they are good. Do they answer emails? Do they have a guarantee? If so what kind? Don’t be cheap, this is your health, you need a great product and the tools to be successful. Also ask who you are working with if their HCG comes from a FDA approved lab in the USA. Don’t get some crappy product from China that doesn’t go through the rigorous safety standards of the FDA.

So make sure you know all the details of who you are working with and that they actually HELP their clients be successful and aren’t just out to make a quick sale and to disappear.

Also make sure you know what loading is, the low calorie phase is and what foods and how much, and also maintenance phase and even beyond. Does the place you plan on working with help you AFTER the diet? You need to make sure you know what you are doing after the HCG diet.

So if you do that right and do our research then you can go it at home. If you want to use a clinic you can do that but realize you’ll have to travel there, pay a lot more, and probably get the same results, if not worse results because if you have a question at night you won’t be able to contact someone. But if you have support online then you can login and get help now. So there are pros to doing it at home. Consider it before you pay a lot at a clinic.