The Bad Side of HCG Drops

Taking HCG as a weight loss solution is a huge hit among dieters nowadays. The hormone is known for its effect in food intake as it reduces the hunger pains, sensation, and appetite. The different formulations of HCG come in drops, supplements, and injection forms. The best method, however, is the HCG drops as it is safe, effective, and inexpensive without the risk of feeling the pain.

HCG diet is not complete without following the calorie restriction. Besides using HCG drops, you have to observe the strict meal plan which is a calorie limit of 500 per day. The overall effect of the hormone to the body will not be desirable if it is not taken with the prescribed diet plan.

On the contrary, HCG drops also have negative effects to the body. Although the symptoms are not entirely serious or severe, but you also need to keep watch to prevent it from getting worse. You should not feel alarmed since the side effects are mild and are not as bad as those found in people who took the hormone through injections. In injections, there is pain and sometimes infection from the injection site.

In oral drops, the side effects completely void. You can feel some head-aches and dizziness but that is from the low calorie diet and from detoxing, which is a good sign and only lasts a day or two, if at all.

The only dangerous but very rare side effect of the injection method is the ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. This condition shows symptoms of abdominal pain, swelling of the hands and feet, stomach pain, difficulty of breathing, weight gain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Once you notice these symptoms, you have to immediately consult a doctor.

Do not be overwhelmed by the side effects as they are avoided by the good effect of HCG drops. What you have to remember is to purchase it from a reputable company who sells such HCG product for weight loss.

HCG drops are another safe alternative to weight loss besides exercise and a healthy diet. If you use this method, you do not even need to do daily exercises. Just follow the prescribe diet, take the hormone and be stress-free about the side effects.

Side Effects of HCG Diet – What You Should Know

There are benefits and downsides to every situation and decision. You can not expect to have all positive effects when you decide to do something. What you need to learn is to anticipate for the few negative outcomes and be ready on how to handle them. It is also the same when you try on a new diet program.

For instance, HCG diet is effective but there are side effects too if you do it wrong. Before going further into HCG drops side effects, learn first the basics of the diet. HCG diet is making use of the hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a naturally occurring substance manufactured in women’s pregnant bodies. The hormone acts as a fail-safe system in cases that the mother cannot get the energy she needs for the baby.

At present, there has been good news about the effect of HCG in weight loss. There are also a lot of people who claimed about some side effects which just aren’t accurate. Any possible side effect is extremely mild and should not be given too much worry.

1. The Heart

If you are taking HCG in it’s plain form it will not effect your heart at all. HCG is not a stimulant and does NOT increase heart rate. Which is a good thing. So you will not feel chittery or shaky while on the diet.

2. The Stomach

There aren’t any side effects associated with the stomach area with this diet. There can be mild hunger but that’s normal and hardly noticeable. As long as you are doing the diet correctly you won’t have problems in this area.

3. The Head

A possible side effect from the diet can cause a slight head ache and dizziness. This is not from the HCG but from the low calorie diet and the fact that you are detoxing from all the bad food you have eaten before, so it’s actually a good thing and a sign that the toxins are leaving your body. It only last a day or two if at all so no worries there.

In general, HCG is effective and has no real side effects beyond just the diet and the changes to your body that you will naturally occur.