How To Choose The Right HCG Diet Drops For You

There are a lot of choices out there for HCG drops. If you did a search before coming to my site you were probably a little overwhelmed and very confused. Not to worry, I’m here to help.

The first thing you should decide is which method is best for you. Do you want to do oral drops or the HCG injections? As you can probably tell by the name of my blog, I like the HCG diet drops. But the injections work well too. But you will have to find a doctor to prescribe it for you, or get it overseas (not recommended!).

So think about if you want to use a needle or just drop it into your mouth. Think about which would be more convenient. Some people do find injections more convenient for them because it is only once in the morning, while the drops is 3 times a day. But personally it’s not a big deal and takes a couple seconds.

Then you need to figure out who to choose to get your HCG drops from. This is very important as all HCG is NOT created equal and every company certainly isn’t created equal in how much help they will give you.

So first, is their HCG coming from a United States lab that has gone through the FDA certification process? This is important and will make sure your product is safe to take. Second, do they have a coaching area and a place to get help? This is probably the most important issue. You WILL have questions. The place I use, which is found on the main page of this site, has the only private HCG support community I know of. It’s nice to be able to login and ask questions anytime, anyplace and get a good answer, not from some stranger on a random site. So make sure the support is there because you will need it.

Also, do you see positive results from their clients? Do you know someone who has used their product? Do they have a Facebook page with real people commenting? These are all the things I looked for before deciding on who to use. Most people find out about this diet from a friend or family member, so most of you are covered. But if not then do look for those indicators of legitimacy.

Another important issue is the one of a money-back guarantee. Do they know their product works and put their money behind it? The people I used have a double money-back guarantee so I knew I was covered there. But work with whatever guarantee you feel comfortable with. You still need to DO the diet correctly, but if so they should cover their product and guarantee you will lose the weight if you do your part in following the diet plan.

And then if you are really skeptical you can also email them. A good test is do they have some sort of contact page somewhere on their site. Do they have a phone number? Do they have live chat or a way to email them? Just make sure you can contact them and get a response sometime that day. This way you know you’ll be able to get help when needed.

And the last issue, are you getting a high quality product? You truly get what you pay for in this area. Don’t go cheap, I hear bad stories everyday from people getting cheap products that just aren’t up to par with the higher quality HCG.

So look for these indicators when choosing the right HCG for your diet plan.

Should You Use An HCG Diet Clinic?

I have people post question on this site asking about clinics where they offer the HCG diet, and HCG drops or injections. They wonder if it’s worth the extra cost or if they should just do it at home.

Well it’s a good question and the answer is, it depends.

It depends on whom you are planning on using if you choose to do it at home. Some places are great with a great product and support, while others have terrible HCG and no support at all, not good!

I can’t tell you how many times I get emails saying, “I’ve started but I don’t know what to eat, can you tell me what to eat on this diet?” Seriously? You’ve started but have no idea what you are doing? Stop right now and get the instructions. Talk with whom you are working with and get help! The problem is most of these people found a cheap HCG product and bought it without thinking of coaching and support. A lot of places say they have support, but when you try to get help they aren’t anywhere to be found. Plus, cheap HCG is an oxymoron. HCG is NOT cheap and you should be suspect of cheap products.

The place I used has a members area where you can login and talk with coaches and the other people on the diet anytime. It’s nice because when you have questions you need answers, and not just from some stranger on a free site. This is only for their clients so you know they monitor everything and give you the best advice and answers.

So before choosing a provider make sure they are good. Do they answer emails? Do they have a guarantee? If so what kind? Don’t be cheap, this is your health, you need a great product and the tools to be successful. Also ask who you are working with if their HCG comes from a FDA approved lab in the USA. Don’t get some crappy product from China that doesn’t go through the rigorous safety standards of the FDA.

So make sure you know all the details of who you are working with and that they actually HELP their clients be successful and aren’t just out to make a quick sale and to disappear.

Also make sure you know what loading is, the low calorie phase is and what foods and how much, and also maintenance phase and even beyond. Does the place you plan on working with help you AFTER the diet? You need to make sure you know what you are doing after the HCG diet.

So if you do that right and do our research then you can go it at home. If you want to use a clinic you can do that but realize you’ll have to travel there, pay a lot more, and probably get the same results, if not worse results because if you have a question at night you won’t be able to contact someone. But if you have support online then you can login and get help now. So there are pros to doing it at home. Consider it before you pay a lot at a clinic.

A Common Mistake While On The HCG Drops

Running this blog allows me to communicate with thousands of people. I love it. I get emails from around the world and know that I’m helping people learn about something that has changed many lives. I also get “thank you’s” from around the world and people tell me how this has improved their life.

But I also get emails from people that I can see a problem. It’s a very common mistake that a lot of people are making on the diet and on the HCG drops that I really want to address so everyone is completely clear on this.

And that is everything that happens to you while on the HCG diet or drops does NOT mean it was caused by the diet or drops, good or bad.

I can’t tell you how many comments or emails I get asking about what to do about X because it started around the same time of the diet. Listen, just because you are on a new diet and health product doesn’t mean that it caused any problem or benefit.

I think this comes down to almost a superstition and our brain’s desire for cause and effect.

Let me give you an example. A women emailed me saying that she had gotten a sore throat and was achy and felt nauseous. She was quick to blame it on the HCG drops and the diet she was on. I informed her that the drops don’t have that side effect and it sounded like she was just getting the flu. It happens, people get sick. She didn’t really believe me but then came back to confirm that she went off the diet and the drops and she was indeed just sick. So continued the diet after she was better and did just fine.

Another example, which is very common, is they might have a condition and it happens to go away while on the diet. Does that mean the HCG diet cured them of this condition? NO! I’ll say it again just to be clear, just because you are on the diet and the drops or even injections does NOT mean that every little thing that happens to you during that time is an effect from them.

I have had people claiming that HCG cures diseases. Well I hate to bring bad news but it does not. HCG helps with the hunger and targeting the correct fat to lose while on the diet. That’s it.

So the next time you are thinking, or hearing a story of someone who believes that the HCG diet causes this or that, just remember these little examples and that they are probably just coincidences. I get people telling me all the time about side effects and dangers of the diet.

But when I look for hard evidence I can’t find any! In fact I speak with thousands of people about the diet and here 99% good things, the other 1% who try to blame everything on the diet. It’s just a fact of being human that we are always looking for the cause of something. But remember, the diet is probably not the cause of anything other than weight loss!

Does The HCG Diet Effect Fertility?

Every now and then I start to get the same question over and over. I think this happens because someone out there is spreading false information in hopes to confusion and control us. It works and it helps sell other products but it is nonetheless annoying and unethical.

Anyway. The new question I’ve been getting a lot lately is whether or not the HCG diet effects fertility and the ability to have children in the future. Specifically I get asked if the diet or HCG will make it more difficult to have children in the future.

And the answer is no.

Doing the HCG diet or taking HCG will not hinder your ability to have children in the future.

In fact losing weight while on the diet will actually increase the likelihood of having children. The reason behind that is when you are overweight it makes it more difficult to conceive. In fact I get people telling me almost daily that they are considering this diet because their doctor ordered them, not just told them, but ordered them to lose weight before they start to try and get pregnant.

So that’s a bonus.

Another bonus is HCG is a hormone-like substance that is present during pregnancy and women who are having a hard time getting pregnant are actually prescribed HCG to help them conceive. Now don’t think that the HCG diet is going to make you pregnant, you will be taking a MUCH lower dose for diet purposes, especially the oral HCG drops which I like better over injections. So as long as you are on a reliable birth control method you won’t have to worry about getting pregnant.

So the HCG diet is pretty much neutral in the issue of fertility. It can help increase your chances some even and it’s healthy in the long term. So ignore the false information out there that claims it has negative effects because it doesn’t.

The next time you hear a claim made like that always ask them for some kind of proof. And I don’t mean a “study” done by some random scientist in some unknown country. And I don’t mean proof like, “Well I heard from my friend who has a friend who has a sister who said that she heard…” I mean verifiable hard data.

So I hope I have helped clear the air a bit about this recent area of interest and concern. Like almost always there’s nothing to worry about and everything is just fine. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

HCG Side Effects in Women

HCG hormone comes from women. It is produced by them in abundant amounts during pregnancy to build strong uterine walls, modify their metabolism, and hold back their food consumptions. The properties of this hormone allow the women to boost up their food intake in order to meet their baby’s needs for nourishment without getting too fat.

With this weight loss benefits, the HCG hormone provides great benefits for the dieters. It involves a very low calorie diet and the convenient means of taking HCG through drops. This powerful combination will result to a quick drop in weight without the inconvenience of the tiring exercises. According to previous users of the HCG diet, they lost about two pounds daily within the 26 to 40 days of the HCG program time frame. This only means you can lose much weight in just a short time.

Since women are mainly the ones who are conscious about their weight, they are more likely to use the HCG diet. The side effects of the diet program are also different among women compared to men.

There are no really harmful effects of HCG diet if you are taking it in low doses in oral form of HCG drops. The reason is because the hormone is already naturally produced by humans. There is no danger to introducing the hormone to their body. You just have to make sure however that you choose the right method in administering the hormone. For example, there are no other dangers to the diet unless you give it through injections. It is painful, expensive, and inconvenient to your time.

To have an easy, pain-free, and economical HCG diet program, detox drops are more appropriate. It does not interfere with your tight schedule nor affect your budget too much. More importantly, the side effects are lesser and milder as compared to the shots.

The HCG diet is effective but if you do not use the right administration and refuse to follow the prescribed diet, it will endanger your health. It is better to play it safe by sticking to the oral form of the diet.

Weight Loss through HCG Liquid Drops

Weight loss programs today focus on proper diet and regular exercises whether it involves lifting weights, running, cycling, or kick boxing. However, these activities can only guarantee you of a weight about 2 pounds per week. In addition, it is quite a hassle to fit your workout sessions in your daily schedule.

For a quick and convenient weight loss program, you can try the HCG liquid drops. It will assure you shedding of extra fats in a short period of time. The HCG diet is the combination of the HCG diet drops and the limited calorie intake of 500 a day. There is no need to wait for weight loss week after week. The key for the success of HCG drops is to be disciplined, patient, and determined.

When you take the HCG diet, it is not merely taking the drops and the limited diet. There are certain protocols to be followed as to how many times you should take the drops, how many drops you need to have, the recipes of the meals you have to follow, food list on what prescribed food to buy, and assessment and evaluation from the physician.

The diet is a huge deal in HCG weight loss plan. The calories should be strictly limited to 500 per day. Therefore the food that should be served in every meal must be focused on protein and fiber instead of fat and carbohydrates. The HCG liquid drops have hormones that can burn about 1,200 to 2,000 calories in a day. It relies on burning fat found in your arms, hips, under your buttocks, and knees to use as energy. The effect is it stops your hunger so you can stick to the 500 calories per day.

The diet will be truly successful if you prepare your mind and body for a huge change in your lifestyle. The reason of this is because the weight loss plan of HCG is very demanding and challenging which requires the drive and commitment to fulfill your desired weight. Although it can quickly lose your pounds but it does not work in just a day.

Nevertheless, you still have to work on losing the pounds by complete adherence to the plan instead of the tiring exercise routine and workouts. Furthermore, you need to make sure to also have a physician check on your current medical status to make sure you are fit and safe to use the product.

Homeopathic HCG Drops – Know How They Are Made

HCG diet is a known weight loss treatment today. The program is a combination of HCG hormone administration and adherence to a very low calorie diet. The hormone is originally taken through injections while the diet should be restricted only to protein and fiber.

However, not every one is fond of the idea of receiving the hormone through injections. There have been issues with reference to the safety, sterility and pain associated with needle administration. In addition, getting the HCG hormone through shots is inconvenient and expensive. For such reasons, the HCG diet is now made available through homeopathic drops.

What is Homeopathy and How Does It Work?

When a medicine or supplement is received through homeopathic remedy, it means it will work naturally with the body’s native mechanisms instead of fighting against the condition. This is how the homeopathic HCG drops work. It acts by causing certain artificial symptoms of a certain condition you are trying to treat but in effect stimulates the body’s own healing process. So with HCG, although you may feel symptoms of hunger or craving, it will act by burning the stored fats to be used as energy. By that you will not feel the hunger sensation anymore and even feel energized than ever.

The good thing about taking HCG through homeopathic drops is its safety. Receiving the hormone through injections directly goes into the bloodstream. So if it is unsterile, impure, and of low quality, once you have introduced it there is no turning back. With the oral drops, the body can still metabolize it through the liver so you can be sure you are safely receiving it.

How did Homeopathy Start?

The homeopathic process started way back 2,500 years ago by Hipokrates of Kos. He became the founder of the Western school of medicine. It was during the year 1800 when Dr. Samuel Hahnemann founded the foundations of homeopathic remedies. He was the one who first understood that besides the pharmaceutical drugs successfully treating the ailments, they can also cause a light amount of harm. According to him, the drugs can even make the patient even worse as compared to letting the dieases take its course. Through these attempts of discovering why traditional medicine make conditions worse, the principle of homeopathy were rediscovered as initiated by Hipokrates.

So to not make weight status worse, opt for the homeopathic HCG drops. You can be sure that you are not only receiving an effective weight loss treatment, but also a safe one.

How HCG Drops Work for Weight Loss

HCG drops are an effective choice for a quick and safe weight loss. You can either use it for fast weight loss on a special occasion or recover from a health condition such as overweight or obesity. The oral drops are safe, convenient, and effective. Here are four key ways of using the hcg drops and an eating program to get rid of your weight gain sufferings.

1. Take the drops to establish a biochemical alteration in your body.

HCG diet makes use of a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin, which acts to regulate a sequence of biochemical reactions in your body. Once your body has an imbalance of the hormone, a certain part of the brain does not function accordingly. Its function does not focus on burning excess fat for energy but instead burn the structural fat and lean muscle tissues.

So if you use the hormone, you can bring back hormonal balance to help revive the regulation of the biochemical changes. HCG drops is the only source of hormone, supplement, or vitamin that can help control weight.

2. Take the drops to have a source of energy.

Using hcg drops helps your body burn excess fat deposits as it discharges the stored energy that your body has been keeping for quite some time. As soon as you start with this diet, you will feel refreshed and revitalized and will never feel tired or weak as you would usually feel with simple low calorie and regular workouts in the gym. The energy that the drops provide is a great assistance to persevere with the hcg diet plan until you reach your desired weight loss.

3. Take the drops along with diet plan to control your appetite.

HCG drops will not be as effective as experts would claim if it is not taken along with a low-calorie diet. The plan will assist you in distinguishing the real hunger sensations from the emotional or binge eating pattern. The drops have the fuel that your body needs even if you only consume a limited calorie intake. You will also be able to learn what foods to eat and how much of it you will have to consume.

4. Take the drops to prevent you from going to the gym.

The drops basically can differentiate fat from lean muscle tissue so there is no need to lose muscle mass on the diet. Exercise is even not recommended to be included in the plan since your body is already changing fat into fuel. Having physical workouts will only burn very few calories and leave you feeling exhausted and weak. But with HCG drops, you burn a lot of calories and remain energized all throughout the program.

HCG drops can work for you in few but significant ways. So if your schedule is too tight to go to the gym or you need assistance in your weight and appetite control, HCG oral drops will help solve the crucial issues of weight gain.

How HCG Detox Drops Put A Stop To Food Binging

Being slim is “in” nowadays. Whatever your profession or nature of work is, unfortunately it is always an advantage if you are slim. That is why it is a huge deal if you are overweight.  However, there are a lot of women and even men today who suffer eating disorders which result to such metabolic problem of overweight and obesity.

At times, there are even cases that do not have eating disorders but still practice a routine binge eating due to their moods, insight, and unstable eating pattern. There are people who feel sad about their weight gain but do not find the motivation to lose the pounds. They make rules when it comes to their food consumption but if they fail, they resort to guilt feelings and depression that will then again lead to massive eating to make them feel better.

Because of these problems, there are more and more methods and alternatives to keep your body in good shape. One of these many weight loss options is HCG diet. You can use this diet in many ways like through injections and drops. However, the most recommended method is the HCG drops. Although the diet demands a great modification in your lifestyle, the result is rewarding and worth it.

The diet starts with a change in your diet followed by the consumption of the detox drops. As all new methods, the first part will be difficult but as you go on with the diet, you will get used to it. The diet should be low in fat and carbohydrates but high in fiber. The good thing about HCG detox drops is that you will not feel hungry easily as it controls or suppress your hunger sensation in the brain.

Depending on your current weight, you may be indicated to have one or more drops of the HCG hormone. With the consistent use and observance of the diet, you can lose weight of about one to three pounds in a month. You just have to make sure to not cheat the diet as not adhering to the protocols of HCG may create a downfall to everything.

So, if you are looking for a new way to lose weight, use the HCG detox drops. It is safe and effective so you do not have to regret about trying it in the first place.