The HCG Diet is Not Just About Looking Good

Many people start the HCG drops diet because they think they just want to lose pounds and inches. And let me tell you, the diet works and you can easily achieve your weight loss goals by following the protocol as it was designed.

But losing just weight and inches is not all the benefits you will receive. I can’t tell you how many times people have contacted me and given me a long list of medications they no longer have to take because of doing this diet.

It’s amazing how much your overall health will improve when you lose the weight. And when you are doing it on the HCG diet you can quickly see these changes and benefits.

For example, many diabetics start the diet and after the first round they get a checkup and their doctor immediately reduces the amount of insulin they are taking because their health improved so much. In some cases their doctor took them off insulin completely. That’s almost as good a cure! And I hear these same stories, straight from the source, again and again for things like high blood pressure, thyroid issues, heart issues, and on and on.

I can also tell you that the diet is working for just about anyone who commits to it and follow the instructions. For example I’ve talked with many people who have had various weight loss surgeries like bariatric surgery, lap band and gastric bypass, who start this diet because even the surgeries couldn’t solve their problems, and the diet works and works well without any dangerous surgery.

While the HCG diet is no “magic pill”, because it does take work, it is probably the closet thing. Can you see why so many people say bad things about the diet? Weight loss companies, weight loss doctors, and diet pill peddlers are all losing hundreds of millions of dollars because they can’t give their bandaid “solutions” and keep their clients paying month after month when they get their weight loss issues completely handled on the HCG diet. That’s another reason why you see negative stories on the news; their sponsors who run commercials pay for the show, and if they are losing money because of diet such as this they aren’t happy, so they influence the stories themselves and get negative press out there. Sound crazy? It really isn’t. You’d be amazed at how much advertising is effecting the way we live our lives because the media is corrupt and “reports” on what they are told to report. It’s all about the money with these people!

But luckily if you are reading this you know better and you now know of a tool that can be a solution for you weight problems.

So instead of looking at just the outside benefits of the diet, do consider the internal and health benefits you will receive. And if you think about it the benefits to your wallet will also be huge when you consider you won’t have to spend so much time going to the doctor and paying for band-aid type medications. Not to mention you will be eating less and having a much more fulfilling time in your life. Of course you may have to buy some new clothes after losing all that weight, but that’s one thing you’ll just have to put up with  ; )

So consider all these issues when considering starting this diet protocol. It works and the benefits are amazing. Get started before it’s too late.

How Your Attitude Will Help You Lose Weight And Keep It Off

I was recently reading a study where they were trying to find a link between people’s attitudes and weight gain.

It was fascinating and fun to see some actual data. What they found might be a big key to helping you on the HCG diet or any diet for that matter. It will at least help you from gaining weight back after the diet.

So what did they find? Well, the study found that “high neurotic” and “impulsive” people are far more likely to have big gains in their weight. They looked at certain behaviors like binge eating and other such impulsive eating behaviors and sought out what caused them.

They found that those who were not prone to impulsive behavior, and were more thoughtful, tended to be skinnier and to avoid weight gain.

The reasons behind this are fairly obvious if you’ve watched yourself dieting and tried to keep the weight off. For example, if you keep a food journal and watch everything you eat with a watchful eye you will notice that you just tend to lose weight and to keep it off. It’s when we aren’t thinking about what we are doing, and just eating out of habit and getting out of control that we start to gain weight and spiral back to where we were before.

This little action of writing down what we eat seems so extremely simple but as you can see it is very powerful from a psychological perspective.

They also found that people who are cynical and aggressive tended to be about 22 pounds heavier than those who were calm and optimistic.

I see this a lot in my daily interactions with dieters. I find those who don’t do very well are those who are cynical and have very bad attitudes before starting. Those that are calm and optimistic for positive changes on the HCG diet tend to do FAR better. In fact it’s so powerful that I can easily spot those that will do well and those that will struggle with the diet plan.

So what should you do if you are a cynical, aggressive, or compulsive person? Well I think the firs step is to recognize it. Once you do you are past the first step and can now look for solutions. You then need to start writing down everything. Get out your frustrations on paper and also keep a log of what you are eating. This will help keep the compulsive behavior down while also helping relax you.

In the study they mentioned competitive behavior as a negative. I think if you use your competitive nature in the right way it can actually be really positive. For example, if you do the diet with several friends and make a bet on who will win can really help you keep motivated and on track. A little friendly competition is always a lot of fun.

So there you have it. Your thoughts and attitudes do effect your weight and can determine how successful you are on the HCG drops. So do your best to cultivate a optimistic and calm attitude towards your diet and you will do far better.